About Eric Vlach

Eric Vlach has worked with internet-based applications his entire career. Starting as a web developer and linux administrator, he has amassed a wide range of experience as the head of IT for two startup companies, as a systems administrator for Columbia University, and as a consultant for numerous businesses in a wide range of industries. Eric keeps up with the latest trends and best practices to offer his clients the optimal technology for their situation, while keeping their data safe and secure with established services and time-tested applications.

Areas of Expertise

Web Application Development

I have 12 years experience building robust, engaging, and useful websites for companies across all sectors and business types.

IT Consulting

Not sure what technology can do for you? I provide solutions to your tech problems, by bringing together and customizing applications to deliver the highest quality solutions.

High-end tech support

This isn't a geek squadron. I treat every client with the highest care and respect, and take personal pride in ensuring you are well taken care of. 

Selected Skills

  • Website technology specialist - HTML & CSS
  • Advanced Windows & Mac OSX Knowledge
  • iOS and Android operating systems
  • Linux server administration - RedHat & CentOS
  • LAMP stack configuration
  • Wordpress & Drupal Content Management Systems