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Our Services

Website maintenance

I maintain and develop websites for a diverse clientele. Some examples of projects I’ve work on:

  • Develop brand new wordpress website for small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals
  • Ecommerce implementation to sell goods and services online
  • Integration with third party payment processors, like paypal and stripe
  • Domain name services, including new registrations, transfers, renewals
  • Recovering hacked websites from malware
  • Fixed broken websites due to unpatched code, old plugins, bad quality hosts, etc
  • Transfer entire website properties to faster & better hosts
  • Maintain websites to keep up-to-date with security releases
  • Perform general content updates, new pages, new posts, image swaps
  • Simple changes like color modificaions, placement & spacing issues, typos
  • Speed tuning a website- compressing images, activating content delivery networks, combining css and javascript files
  • Security implementation of two factor authentication, honeypots, login limits, audit logs
  • Enabling automatic & manual backups for local and cloud retention periods
  • HTML websites for simple, informatonal-only marketing pages
  • Content Management Systems like wordpress or drupal to allow for easy self-publication of content
  • Wix, Weebly, Squarespace type do-it-yourself website help & training


    • Windows laptops and desktops
    • Mac laptops and desktops
    • Cloud organization
    • Backups
    • Wifi setup
    • Cell phones
    • And more! Contact us if you have a specific request.

    Got website problems?

    We have the answers and the tools needed to get you going. Get your website questions and issues solved quickly and professionally.


    Home office setup

    I can setup an entire home office or small business office setup to give you the ideal work environment

    • Computer & laptop purchase recommendations & setup
    • Printer consulting, setup, and connection
    • Router & Wifi setup, including direct from the provider, extensions, mesh systems
    • Wireless devices and peripherals
    • Dual & triple monitor setup
    • Docking stations for emulating a laptop as a desktop workstation
    • Headsets, webcams, and videoconferencing tools
    • Smart home device troubleshooting
    • Mobile device connection like iPads and phones
    • Syncing solutions so your devices always have the most up-to-date files